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Website Maintenance Services

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Give Your Website The Care It Deserves.

Your website is how people reach you online so it cannot be ignored. Regular updates is how people and search engines know you are active and serious about your business.

Additionally your website needs regular maintenance to make sure it is free of any vulnerabilities and all the security measure are in place.

What To Expect?

Regular Updates

We will make sure your website is using the latest version of every theme and plugin you are using.

Security fixes

Numerous website are targeted each day, so we make sure your website is secure and free of any vulnerable codes.

Daily Backups

We take regular & multiple backups of your website, so if anything goes wrong, we will have you up and running in a jiffy.

Hourly Plan

Not ready for the monthly plans? We will be happy to assist you on hourly basis. This can include support, training, website updates, changes or any other service. Here are few of the services we offer on an hourly basis. You can always get in touch with us if you need assistance with something else.



Essential Plan

Essential plan includes many security features to make sure your website is secure and ready for rainy days, if any. You also get 1 hour worth of website changes – Text, Images, Forms, Blog or anything else you want to update on your website.





Premium Plan

Premium plan gives you all the features of the Essential Plan and even more security features, also includes real-time backups and unlimited archives. You get 3 hours of updates per month, which can be utilized for any kind of changes, including website transfer.





Website Maintenance FAQs

Not if you are taking care of your website regularly by yourself. And if you are one of those people who are already have their hands full, you probably would want a professional to take care of your website. You focus on your business while we assure your website is taken care of.

What would you do if your website were to malfunction tomorrow? Maybe you did an update and some plugin broke your theme, or maybe you accidentally modified a line of code. Worst case scenario – what if your website was a target of a hacker? What would you do? You should always have a contingency plan in place.

Depending on your plan, you would get 2 or 4 hours per month that can be used for various services including – adding/removing content, forms, media, website migration etc.