Professional Email For Business


your image = professional

Maintain your professional image by using a professional email address, it says a lot about you. Whether you need email service for your new business or you want to switch from your current provider – ak web solutions provide you with the help you need.

We provide service for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Zoho workplace & More. If you know which service you want, great! Simply Get in touch and we will get you up and running. If you are not sure about what service works best for you, don’t worry, we can assess your needs and recommend a solution.

reasons to switch


Top class service backed by some of the largest providers in the world with top class infrastructure and amazing support teams.


Your emails are hosted on a very secure environment and there's a security team working round the clock to keep them secure.


A reliable service with minimum to no downtime. Access it of any device and from anywhere in the world.

Email Hosting FAQs

There is nothing wrong with using those services, but at the same time there is nothing professional about using too. Using a custom email address shows people you are in business and you are serious about it. Just like there’s difference between a well suited man vs. a guy wearing a hoodie.

cPanel email is not as reliable as any other email service. You need to keep in mind your website is sharing server resources with a lot of other websites/cPanels. If for some reason web-hosting is down or facing any DDoS attack, your email service is affected as well. Hence, it’s always better to keep them separate and use a professional email service which is far more reliable and secure.

It depends on what additional services you need with your email. For example, some services provide you with the Office Suite and Cloud Storage and some are just plain email storage. Based on what your needs are, we can help you pick one.

Absolutely, you can add or remove any number of licenses/members you want. You will only be billed for the active subscriptions.

Yes, you or any member in you organization would be able to add email address in their outlook apps or their phones. All the services come with POP/IMAP access.