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Still not using an SSL? it impacts your website, here’s how.

SSL certificates are very common to see these days, which was not the case a few years ago. SSL was considered a necessity for the eCommerce website or on the websites where sensitive data was being captured or transmitted. However, that is not the case any longer and Almost every website on the internet is using it – almost. If you ARE NOT USING ONE WITH YOUR WEBSITE, HERE’S HOW IT AFFECTS YOUR WEBSITE.

  • Warning – browsers now show a clear warning to users that a website is not safe and someone might be trying to steal their data. If your visitors are seeing this message, they might get feel that you are not a genuine business, or it could be someone trying to scam them.
  • No green padlock – your browsers show a green padlock when your website is secure. Any websites not using an SSL end up getting a red open padlock, which serves as a warning to the user.
  • Search results – this might be one of the biggest disadvantages of them all, but search engines like Google or Bing always keep changing their algorithms, and now SSL has become one of the factors in their ranking system. Websites that are not using SSL are seen as insecure websites and are often pushed behind in the search results. So not having an SSL might be hurting your business.
  • speed – using an SSL can also improve the performance of your website. Protocols like HTTP/2 are easier to implement and produce better results when implemented with an SSL. Therefore, your website performs better, another factor search engines look at while ranking a website.

So there are a lot of reasons to use an SSL with your website. In case you are wondering what it is going to cost you – not much. Depending on your web hosting provider you might get it for free. Most web hosts started offering free SSL certificates from services such as Let’s Encrypt. Even if you are buying one, the prices start from as low as $10/year. So there is no reason to skip, Get yourself one today! Feel free to reach us if you would like to get one added to your website.