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Is it wise to use a free email service for your business?

When it comes to setting up an email for business, many people seem to ignore it or instead choose to simply use an email service that they were previously using to create one on free email services such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail. Does it look professional, the small answer – is no! Here are a few reasons you should ditch these free email providers for something professional.

Branding – First and foremost – If you have a website and a brand presence online it’s always better to use a professional email. Instead of telling people [email protected], and promoting Gmail, the businesses should be promoting their own name/domain [email protected] or [email protected] this applies to all business sizes, whether you are running a small business or an enterprise.

Credibility – a trustworthy image can help a business reach new heights and using a professional email is part of the image-building process. If people are choosing your business over the other and they are willing to spend their money and buy your products, they expect a professional image, credibility and trustworthiness. So using a free service for emails, does not give them confidence.

Less spoofing – there are many scammers out there who would try to forge an email to scam people. One can easily be confused when business email is ([email protected]) and a scammer uses a similar email ([email protected]). Imagine if your clients think it’s you only using a different service now. However, when you a professional email such as [email protected], you minimize the risk of email spoofing.

There are additional features and benefits of using a professional email. Depending upon the provider AND THE PLAN, YOU MIGHT GET MORE SPACE, BETTER SPAM FILTERING AND MALICIOUS EMAIL FLAGGING. THERE ARE NUMEROUS SERVICE PROVIDER OUT THERE SUCH AS MICROSOFT, GOOGLE AND RACKSPACE. Although you can setup free email with the web hosting service you are using for a website, it is not recommended to use one as those are prone to hacks and service failures.

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